Billing, Insurance and Payment

Patients who are not covered by health care insurance should remember that we expect
payment in full (or appropriate payment arrangements) for all services at the time of each
visit. You may pay by cash, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

Bonner Eye Clinic accepts most Health Plans including BCBS, Medica, Healthpartners,
and Ucare. We expect the copayment at the time of each visit. If there is any unmet
deductible or non-covered services after the claims have been processed, you will be
billed for the amount indicated by your insurer and supported by our contract with the

*** PLEASE NOTE: It is always your responsibility to ensure that you have a current
and valid referral form (or authorization) from your primary care physician if your
insurance plan requires it.

We are participating providers (that is, we accept assignment for all services) with
Medicare Part B. We will file your Medicare claim, along with any Medicare
supplement, and send statements for portions that are your responsibility. We will collect
20% of the Medicare allowed amounts for services rendered if there is not supplemental
insurance. We will also collect any unmet deductibles on the date of service if

Please note that a service called a “refraction” is excluded by law from Medicare
coverage. The refraction is the portion of the examination that determines the appropriate
refractive correction for your eyes. Often, but not always, your prescription for corrective
lenses (glasses or contact lenses) is determined during the refraction. However, it is also
important for the doctor to know your refractive error, in order to help him judge the
health of your eyes, and choose the most appropriate medical treatments for you. For this
reason, the doctor may request a refraction even though you are not given a new
prescription. In all cases, Medicare will not pay for the refraction. It will be the patient’s
responsibility and will be billed as a separate charge which is not included in the exam.

***We are not VSP providers. We do not process VSP claims or any other Vision Plans.