Is poor vision getting in the way of your active lifestyle? Ever think you’d have more fun, be more extreme or get the winning advantage if you could see better without contacts or glasses?

The iLASIK Procedure (using exclusive LASIK technology, only from AMO) may be your ultimate lifestyle-enhancement tool.

Wondering about affording the price of iLasik?

Money shouldn’t be the reason you’re putting off having the iLASIK Procedure.

  •     Many of our iLASIK surgeons offer financing that can cost as low as $89 a month.*
  •     The fee of $2,000 to $3,000 for the iLASIK Procedure, is a fraction of the lifetime cost of wearing contacts and glasses.

Still questioning about how safe iLasik is?

You should have rock-solid peace of mind about the iLASIK Procedure — it’s never been safer.

  • All branches of the U.S. military and NASA recently allowed the treatment of LASIK for their servicemen and women.
  • Based on the infection rates associated with wearing contact, experts consider LASIK safer than wearing contacts.
  • Doctors have been performing laser vision correction procedures for over a decade, and 31.4 million procedures have been performed worldwide to date

Growing tired of the hassle of contacts?

Contacts require meticulous attention to ensure proper cleaning and to avoid infection

  • Experts consider the rate of infection to be higher with contacts than with the iLASIK Procedure
  • People living in warmer climates, sleep with contacts in and/or wear them for weeks at a time, are at an even greater risk of infection.

Contacts are expensive.

  • A 25 year old can expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars on contacts over their lifetime — as much as FIVE TIMES the price of the typical iLASIK Procedure.

And what about living your life?

  • Do you realize how much time you spend cleaning and caring for your contacts?
  • What type of lifestyle compromises do you continue to make because of your contacts?

Contacts or the iLASIK Procedure? It’s never been easier to make the contacts-ffile_444db05a2b1cd13481042ree choice.