file_444db05df37a005782395CustomVue™ LASIK

At Bonner Eye Clinic we are proud to offer CustomVue™ LASIK, the newest, most advanced technology in custom laser vision correction, customized to your eyes’ unique vision needs.


The CustomVue™ LASIK procedure is performed in three steps. First, each of your eyes’ unique irregularities are captured and mapped using a technology called wavefront. Next, each eye’s wavefront map is fed into a computer to guide the laser during the vision correction process. Finally, each cornea is reshaped by the specially programmed excimer laser.


Your vision is corrected more precisely using CustomVue™ technology. Because the wavefront map is a direct reflection of your eyes’ unique needs, the result is superior to other vision correction techniques. Using CustomVue™ LASIK technology translates into fewer problems with glare and halos after the procedure.