Monofocal Lens Implantation

A monofocal lens is the most common type of implant used for cataract surgery. The power can be selected so you will see fairly clear in the distance or fairly clear up close without glasses, but you cannot see both far away and up close with one eye without glasses.

  • Both eyes are set to see at a distance. Glasses are needed for your best near vision. Distance vision is usually good without glasses.
  • One eye is set for distance and one for near (monovision). Eyeglasses are worn as needed to fine-tune distance or near vision.
  • Both eyes are set to see up close. Glasses are needed to see well beyond a few feet but near vision is usually good without glasses.

Multifocal Lens Implantation

A multifocal lens can allow one eye to focus on both near and far targets without glasses and gives you your best chance of seeing well without glasses.

After multifocal lens implantation, about 80% of patients can drive, use the computer, and read without using any eyeglasses. 15% use the weakest over-the-counter reading glasses (+1.00) for prolonged reading or fine, detailed work. 10% use glasses for the computer and 2% still need to use glasses on a regular basis for distance vision, near vision, or both.

There is an additional fee for these lenses beyond what Medicare or insurance covers and in addition to any co-pays or deductibles. The Bonner Eye Clinic fee can be financed through Care Credit with several repayment options available.

Additional Information

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