Dry Eyes

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Dry eye is probably the most commonly seen problem in any eye doctor’s office, and at Bonner Eye Clinic, we offer multiple solutions to our patients.

Dry eye is not caused by a lack of tear production. In fact, during dry eye, the eye can still make so many tears that many patients complain of wet eyes and tearing. Dryness causes the eye to produce more tears in an effort to replace those lost through the defective tear film.

The tear film that coats the outer layer of the eye is very important for the lubrication and comfort of the eye, as well as for clarity of vision. With age, the protective tear film diminishes, leaving the eye more exposed to the drying effects of air, wind, and dust. Symptoms include burning, stinging, itching, and light sensitivity. For many people, dryness worsens in the afternoon and evening.

Dry Eye Treatment

There are numerous treatment options available. Artificial tears, available over-the-counter, soothe the eyes and give temporary relief. They work for only an hour or two, at best, however, and must be repeated at frequent intervals. Ointments last longer, but they can blur vision and are most effective at night. Newer techniques to treat dry eyes include plugs that block the tear duct.

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New TearLab

TearLab is a leader in the diagnosis and management of dry eye, and here at Bonner Eye Clinic, we are pleased to be able to offer our patients this state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic system to help identify the extent of the dry eye condition and initial treatment options. This test boasts fast and accurate results in seconds and enables our doctors to have effective conversations with patients regarding early detection and management of dry eye.

Please contact TearLabBonner Eye Clinic for more information about TearLab or to schedule an appointment. We can help relieve your dry eye discomfort!