Our vision is that Bonner Eye Clinic will continue to be the main provider of eye care services in Itasca County.

We will continue to provide services that are up-to-date and continue to improve by assessing our results and changing our methods.

Our vision includes ongoing service to outlying areas of Itasca County such as Bigfork and Deer River, as well as continued and possibly increased service to adjacent areas including Hibbing.

  • We value high quality care that continually improves through an analysis of results and modification of our methods.
  • We value maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base. This applies both to our physicians and to our other staff members.
  • We recognize the value of continuing education for the promotion of our reputation.
  • We value thorough, efficient examinations that result in accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatments.
  • We place a high value on access to care. We will continue to look for opportunities to improve the access to eye care services in our service area, such as our current outreach clinic in Bigfork.

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