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LASIK Testimonials

Linda Stram 
"I've been wearing corrective lenses for almost 20 years. I cannot believe the freedom that laser vision correction has given me. I would recommend the procedure to anyone." 
Bill Marshall 
"The procedure was faster and caused less discomfort than I expected. I felt that I was given very adequate pre-operation information." 
Debra Murphy 
"You've made outdoor activities -- playing softball, kayaking, gardening, and coaching softball -- the way it should be, eye wear free!" 
Michael Webber 
"A lot of people would call this a miracle. It is a marvel and testimonial to modern medicine. The bottom line is: it really works!" 
Angela Miller 
"LASIK surgery has given me freedom from contacts and glasses! I no longer depend on them for my sight. It is amazing how well I can see now. I would recommend LASIK surgery to anyone who is vision impaired." 
Karen Peterson 
"The freedom with having laser correction is great. I don't have to carry sunglasses and regular glasses anymore. I can ride a snowmobile without getting my glasses fogged!" 
April Stavig 
My LASIK surgery went beyond my expectations. I am extremely satisfied with the results. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Mariano did a great job and follow up was very thorough. 
Andy Vanguilder 
"I wore glasses for most of my life, very dependant on them, and now I can wake up and see! No searching for glasses. I can see to swim. Its the best thing I ever did. Money well spent."
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