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CustomVue™ LASIKAbbott Medical Optics

At Bonner Eye Clinic we are proud to offer CustomVue™ LASIK, the newest, most advanced technology in custom laser vision correction. CustomVue™ is superior to conventional laser correction alone. Customized to your eyes’ unique vision needs, this technology also makes it easy to correct for higher order vision aberrations affecting vision in low light situations. 

CustomVue™ LASIK Process

The CustomVue™ LASIK procedure is performed in three steps. First, each of your eyes’ unique irregularities are captured and mapped using a technology called wavefront. Next, each eye’s wavefront map is fed into a computer to guide the laser during the vision correction process. Finally, each cornea is reshaped by the specially programmed excimer laser. 

CustomVue™ LASIK Results

Your vision is corrected more precisely and accurately using CustomVue™ technology. Because the wavefront map is a direct reflection of your eyes’ unique needs, the result is superior to other vision correction techniques. Using CustomVue™ LASIK technology during laser vision correction translates into fewer problems with glare and halos after the procedure.
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